We are too ugly for T.V. and just pretty enough to have weaselled our way out of radio.

The trio of Johanathon Vaughn, Toby Hargrave, Alec MacNeill Richardson are here to celebrate good food and good beverages. With every sip and bite they’ll be highlighting the beauty (or down right messiness when the time calls for it) of wining and dining. Based on the beautiful and multicultural West Coast, this trio embraces the diversity and authentic roots of the cuisines surrounding their neighbourhoods and beyond. Whether it is pork satay cooked by a blind woman in a back alley of Bangkok, foie gras poutine from Pied de Cochon in Montreal, or a quiet seat along the raw bar at Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver, these three are willing to push their tastebuds further with each meal.

With professional backgrounds in design, comedy, and film, these gents have put their skills to work towards a passion they all share, great food. As they dine together in a humorous and amiable fashion you’ll feel as if you’re at the table with them — and as you know, there’s nothing better than a fantastic meal and conversation between friends.


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